Friends in the Gym….

So as I am getting my routine down with the gym and classes I am taking.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I can go and do aqua aerobics.  I almost was not going to go on Saturdays because I didn’t know there was a class at the other gym I go to on occasion.  Needless to say I was excited to see there was one.

Today I walked in, and after checking in I looked around in search of a friend of mine who is also a trainer there; I was so excited to see her there.  It was a refreshing warm welcome! Over the years I have made a few friends at the gym and I love it.  Having people there working out when you do and cheering you on is so awesome and motivating.



My friend Jackie.  November 2014


I have seen and heard a lot of people talk about being afraid to go into the gym in fear that others are watching them or judging them.  I have even had my moments where I was having panic attacks out in the car and not able to go in.  Guess what….99% of the people there at the gym are not watching or judging you.  They are in their own heads.  The other 1% might watch you…a lot of the times though they are admiring you.  When you start going in and being consistent people notice and some even will come up and tell you they are proud of you or they admire your hard work, etc. I actually watch people workout and learn different moves by watching.  Usually its the weights and weight machines and then if I an not sure I am doing it right I ask one of the trainers in the gym.  Don’t let fear rule your decision to go into the gym.



Weight loss in the Kitchen…

Getting back to the gym was easier for me than changing types of food or how much I am eating.  I usually don’t eat a lot just higher calorie foods.  Unless its pizza….I will eat the whole damn thing if you let me. HA!

Taking things slowly so that I do not overwhelm myself.  I know that when I start working out I start making better food choices and want to because I do not want to undo all that I just burnt off!

One of my favorite snacks that has a little of everything is a whole grain English muffin, almond butter (no sugar added), sliced banana, and sprinkled with cinnamon.  It usually helps keep my full and fights off that sweet tooth I have.


Another thing that I find is if I actually prep and meal plan I eat healthier.  So some goals for me are to sit down and plan out dinners.  Breakfast and lunches for me are a breeze.  I love eggs so usually I have eggs for one meal every day! I will be hitting up Skinnytaste to get more recipes.  She has a lot of great stuff that is healthy and full of flavor!

Everyone has their own way of watching what and how much they eat. I personally find it helpful to use Myfitnesspal. It lets me track my workouts, how much water I drink, and what I am eating. I do not have to stress over the calories either.  Yes it gives me a guideline to stick to but I do not beat myself up for going 200 calories over that day if I needed/wanted that cookie.

If I have learned one thing over the course of my journey is that I cannot lose weight by just working out; I must “workout” in the kitchen as well.


Seeing Progress/Changes…

Seeing the changes we make either internal or external can take time.  I am getting back into my routine very slowly, but I am still getting there.  I am a big believer of taking a photo in the mirror every time I workout.  Over time I start to see the changes on the outside.  I feel the changes on the inside though.  More energy, happier, more patience. and not dreading daily errands or after school activities.

As I mentioned in one of the previous blog post; my daughter and I are seeing a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, Molly, with NewStart Nutrition. Kaylie (my daughter) had her follow-up.  We had cut out dairy for the 2 weeks to see if that was part of her tummy issues, and while I have not heard her complain about her tummy being upset it is apparent that she is still have constipation.  Our next step is it cut out gluten and dairy to see if this helps; this begins on Monday the 7th.  I have always felt that she has some type of sensitivity to gluten but never really tested the theory, but we are now.

Kaylie’s supplements are also being changed, she has shown progress with the ones she was on, but now her body needs something a little different. She is eating protein (meats) more than she normally does, that is a big improvement because prior to her using the supplements getting her to eat meat would take an act of god. Molly said that it was her bodies way of telling her it could not process the proteins the way it should.

I have pushed my own follow-up out because of financial reasons.  My daughter for this specific stuff will come first.  This is all out of pocket and not covered by insurance.  However, I have been feeling better internally, I do not get an upset stomach as often, I am sleeping through the night more, I am attempting to cut out caffeine still.  That is a little harder apparently.  I am also going to the gym more often.

Seeing the progress or changes  that are happening in my daughter makes me so happy.  She is also wanting to make the changes, I think it scares her a little, and she worries she won’t get the “good stuff” but I told her that we can make our own “good stuff” that will be good for her tummy. Even though we are not starting gluten free until Monday, she took the initiative at school and asked them to help her pick out a gluten and dairy free meal.

Now I need to meal plan for next week.  I am on the hunt for some kid friendly and easy gluten free dinners.

Small steps bring big changes

I got my supplements yesterday, and I am really excited to get going on this and hopefully feel the changes.  We are addressing several things but all kind of work together from what I could tell.

  • Adrenals – taking ADB5-Plus
  • Sleep/Stress – Phosphatidylserine
  • Digestion – Hydro-Zyme
  • Blood Sugar regulation – GlucoseBalance
  • Pituitary – Cytozyme-PT/HPT

In addition to taking these supplements I am cutting out energy drinks (Sugar free Rockstar addict here), and not buying candy in the store. As long as I don’t buy it I won’t eat it because I don’t have it.  I am also going back to the gym, which I love because of how it makes me feel.

Evening time after my daughter goes to bed is the hardest for me because I want to snack, and I usually want candy or mozzarella cheese sticks.  So I am attempting to replace that with a banana and almond butter since I do love that.

These are just a few things I am doing to help get back on track and continue my journey.  Small steps that will bring big changes in my life.

So I am also doing some small changes with my daughter.  As I mentioned in the last blog post she is taking some supplements to help with her digestive issues.  We have also cut out milk and most dairy temporarily to see if that is causing her tummy problems.  Her goals are to eat 3 veggies a day, limit dairy and no milk, and cut out processed sugars like candy, cookies, etc.  She is still having some, like she gets honey grahams with her lunch at school.  We have found though she loves her protein smoothies I have been making.  It gets a veggie in, and some fruit, and protein!

Our next adventure is to get more exercise or activity into her day.  As the weather gets nicer it will be easier but I did buy a Bosu Ball for her and I.  I find that she loves doing obstacle course style stuff when she is in martial arts.  She does martial arts 2 times a week and I am hoping to get her into soccer again too.  For now though I need to start making a fun activity loop for her and I to do at the park or outside in general.

This sounds like a lot on things, but really they are just small steps.  Some are easier than others, but eventually they will get really easy and the big changes will start to show.


My Restart with NewStart Nutrition

I am sure with a title like that, you are all like say what!?  It’s no secret I have been MIA for a few months.  Life took over, and I allowed my plateau and frustration get in the way of my healthy living.

Back in September I started looking for someone to help me learn to better fuel my body for the best results.  I went to my primary care doctor and they set me up with a nutritionist.  I went to see this person a few time and it was clear to me that it was a “one size fits all” place. I know about nutrition, more than a lot of people, and not because I went to school for it or anything, but because on my journey I have taught myself things by doing the research needed.  So while those appointments could have been great had I gone in without knowledge, they were not helpful to me.

So my journey took me to another person who specialized in weight loss.  She also put me on Phentermine to help curb my cravings.  Literally the prescription was all I got out of those appointments.  Plus I was looking for something different.

Knowledge is power.

A lot of my motivation comes from wanting to set a good example for my daughter (Kaylie).  She has my genes and she looks like me, and what I mean there is she has the height, and the weight that I did when I was her age.  Kaylie has struggled with tummy issues since birth, which results in constipation.  It got worse about age 5 and I took her to see her pediatrician 2-3 times and they just kept pushing me to give her Miralax daily.  When it’s really bad they tell me to give her ex-lax too.  I want to get to the root of the problem, not just fix a symptom.

What does this have to do with my getting back on track with my own journey?  Well a lot; see I put myself on the back burner while being stressed out and upset about trying to find a solution for her.  I went to appointments at Seattle Children’s Hospital for nutrition to find a way to help alleviate her constipation issues but they didn’t want to focus on that.  They provided me information that I already know and have been doing with her. Between not going to the gym and not eating healthy I was just going down hill fast and this stress of not being able to help my daughter was taking a toll.

A personal trainer, my friend Molly Kautz is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at NewStart Nutrition, and works on finding the root of the problem and addressing it, which in turn should help other things fall into place.  She had a promotion going for a free 30 minute consult and I decided to take advantage of it and see what she could do for me.  At the time I hadn’t even thought about taking my daughter to see her.  I went in we chatted, she told me what she does, asked me some questions, the topic of my daughter came up and I made 2 appointments that day.  One for my daughter and one for myself.

I was amazed at the amount of information I learned when I took Kaylie there to see her in just a short amount of time.  We have a plan in place and we have started it, it may take time but I truly believe that with Molly’s help Kaylie’s life will truly improve and she will enjoy healthier foods, and more activity! Before we went to see her we documented what she ate for 3 days and how she felt and her mood.  I was shocked to see that 95% of the time Kaylie felt icky, or had an upset stomach after eating.

Now it was my turn.  My appointment was longer and more extensive.  I went in for some different reasons, I don’t have the constipation issues my daughter has, but I do have tummy issues.  After chatting and doing some tests to see what we need to address I left NewStart Nutrition with a plan and knowing we were addressing several things; my adrenals, sleep/stress, digestion, blood sugar regulation, and my pituitary.  I am also working on 3 things, eliminating energy drinks, stop buying candy/processed sugars, and full fill my sugar cravings with Banana and Almond butter.

I know that both my daughter and I will have success in feeling better since we are addressing the main issues; things like more energy, weight loss, better sleep whatever it may be will all fall into place.  Yes I will still have to try, I will still have to get out of bed and go to the gym, I will still have to come up with fun things for Kaylie and I to do at the park or outside to get her more active, but it will be easier because we will be feeling better!

Thanks to NewStart Nutrition I am getting my Restart!


Set back Vs. Failure

Oh let me tell you.  Hurting your back and being bedridden for a couple days can really mess with your physical and mental health.  More mental for me, I have been unhappy and miserable since Friday night.  I suspect I hurt my back while hunched/bent over getting rid of items in my daughters closet that she doesn’t play with anymore.

Have you hurt yourself before and allowed yourself to “relapse” into old habits?  I apparently did. Not only did I have no easy to grab foods in my house (end of the week need to do grocery shopping) I allowed and suggested horrible foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Saturday was the worst day.  We had McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch, and then I asked my husband to run to Safeway and get some fried chicken and macs from the deli and dessert!  I was so gross feeling.  My skin felt oily, I was mentally bashing myself, and I couldn’t hardly get out of bed without crying out in pain. The worst part of all of this….I was beating myself up for having a really bad day.  Sunday was a little better, we still did not eat great, but I was limited, standing in the kitchen to cook was not an option, my husband is not much of a cook and I am OK with that.  I could have thought of easy healthier foods but I was having a pity party.


Here we are today, Monday.  I am going to make the best of it.  I cannot go workout yet, I can still barley walk, but I have mom duties to do.  In between the mom stuff I am going to rest and not be mean to myself, and stop having my pity party.  All we can do is take it one day, one step at a time.  I have not failed, I have had a very minor set back and I can and will overcome it.